How to Get Rid of Hickeys Fast

March 13, 2014

how to get rid of hickeys fast

There are many people who are looking for answers regarding how to get rid of hickeys fast. And who can blame them? Hickeys are often embarrassing, and the moment a hickey appears on your neck or your face, you might not want to get out of your house at all. People with hickeys will try their best to avoid being seen with it, especially in the eyes of their families, friends, or even co-workers. This is the reason why there are a lot of peoples, especially couples, who want answers on how to get rid of hickeys fast.

Hickeys often resemble a bruise in the skin that results from the passionate kissing of couples, because sometimes kissing may go further. A hickey can be reddish in appearance, or they can dark and mottled, just like a bruise. Like a bruise, a hickey means that the underlying blood vessels are damaged and broken. They appear in areas of the skin where kissing was done passionately. The most common areas are the neck, the face, the legs, and different parts of the body. Usually, most people will not realize that they have a hickey until it is already too late and the hickeys have gotten bigger already.

Unfortunately, there may be no known ways as of the moment on how to get rid of hickeys fast. Hickeys can appear fast, ranging from a few hours to days, but subsides for a few days to weeks, which means it takes a long time to heal. If you are willing to wait for this time to let the hickey resolve on its own, then there is no need to find any treatment for these hickeys. However, for most people who go out every day, they want this to resolve immediately. One good way is by using cold compression.

Cold Compression means to apply cold (e.g. icepacks) on the affected skin. The cooling effect of ice helps to constrict the blood vessels underlying the skin thus prevents the hickey to enlarge. Additionally, this may have a limiting effect on the hickey, reducing the swelling. It is important to take note though that this is not a rapid effect and make still take a few days in order to resolve the hickey completely. Cold compression must be done for separate 20 minutes for at least thrice a day.

As an alternative, you can go ahead and try using concealers in your face and this is one good way on how to get rid of hickeys fast. Concealers are fast, and easily accessible, but just make sure you buy the right color so that the color will just blend with your skin. Or, you can experiment with your clothes as well as use scarfs in order to cover the hickeys on your skin. These are practical ways on how to get rid of hickeys fast and permits you to go out and meet your friends without making them notice the hickey on your skin.

how to get rid of hickeys fast

how to get rid of hickeys fast

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