How to Get Rid of a Hickey Overnight

March 13, 2014

How to get rid of a Hickey Overnight

Perhaps, one common question frequently asked, especially by couples, is “How to get rid of a Hickey Overnight?” In fact, this question has been one of the questions frequently searched over the internet. Hickeys are marks over the face, neck, or virtually any parts of the skin in the body, and the presence of which are often embarrassing. This becomes a problem especially if a person is socially active, hence this question is very common. Here, some tips and important information are discussed on how to get rid of a hickey overnight.

First, let us define what hickey means. Hickeys, or otherwise known as love bites, are reddish marks or the formation of bruise-like spot found in the skin of the face, neck, or any parts of the body, and results from a passionate kiss. They are non-itchy, but are very visible to the naked eye. Often times, a hickey denotes a rather sensitive meaning, which makes couples embarrassed when they have one. Basically, no one wants to be seen with these marks on their body, hence different tips are available to address questions regarding how to get rid of a hickey overnight.

A hickey often develops within just hours after an intimate and passionate kiss by couples. If pertaining to how long it resolves on its own, it usually would take around a few days up to 2 weeks before the marks vanish in the body. Base on this time frame, we can deduce that its spontaneity of resolution is often long, and thus additional intervention must be, therefore, employed. One of the common measures that are done is with the use of cold compression. Cold compressions have an effect in the body in which it helps to constrict the underlying blood vessel in the area where the hickey is located. This is one way on how to get rid of a hickey overnight. If the blood vessels are constricted, there is less blood flow. Therefore, this helps to limit the growth of the hickey. Also, the cooling effect may also help to decrease the size of the hickey. One must take note, though, that cold compression should not be done so for more than 20 minutes for this may cause undesired effects in the body.

But what if you need to go out right now but still the hickey is very much visible in your neck? In this situation, apparently you can wait for the cold compress to take effect. As an alternative, you can go ahead and use a concealer to cover the mark on the neck. Just make sure that the concealer that you are using is with the same tone of your skin. If you want, you can choose to wear clothes specifically designed to cover the neck such as turtle neck or high collar tees. These are common ways on how to get rid of a hickey overnight. With this, one can avoid the embarrassment brought about by the mark.

How to get rid of a Hickey Overnight

How to get rid of a Hickey Overnight

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