The Speedy Method To Get Rid of a Hickey Fast

October 14, 2014

The Speedy Method How To Get Rid of a Hickey Fast
When love gets speedy, things go beyond the expected and the night gets darker with hotter atmosphere fired by the lovers. Kissing is probably the most common actions couples do to display and express their love for one another. As making love becomes more and more passionate, it is almost impossible to know that the skin is being scraped as bites form wounds and reddish spots often known as a hickey. A hickey is often referred to as a spot or a love mark which happens to occur when couples kiss forcefully and may sometimes bite on areas around the neck and the collar bone. As love is indeed a private relationship between two individuals, passionate physical interaction isn’t inappropriate, marking a hickey isn’t a wrong thing either. However, won’t it be a little embarrassing to leave for work or a public event with a hickey seen at the side of a collar or perhaps obviously visible at the collar bone? Well, because it is indeed embarrassing to show off the mark to everyone else, there are a wide variety of methods to get rid of a hickey. Nevertheless, as a hickey isn’t just a normal wound or a mosquito-bite sized scratch on the skin, removing it completely takes time. What if tomorrow a work interview is scheduled? Will there be enough time to get rid of a hickey fast? Although a day or less can quickly cause a hickey to form, it isn’t as simple to remove the mark. The speedy methods to get rid of a hickey fast consist of home remedies and simple methods with objects found at most homes.

Fast Home Remedies: Massage and Witch Hazel
If you have ever tried the hot and cool remedies and they don’t work as fast you would like to, there are more home remedies to get rid of a hickey fast. Massaging around the areas a hickey occurs will help in blood circulation as massage disperses the blood vessels and capillaries. The reddish spots will quickly change in color as the pressing gradually does the work on the skin.

If massage isn’t just the right option for you, using a witch hazel extract can solve the problem. As one of the most powerful Astringents, a witch hazel can heal bruises and inflammations, including that of a hickey. By dipping a cotton ball into a witch hazel extract, gently apply and rub on the skin for faster effects.

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How To Get Rid of a Hickey Fast

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Hickey Removal: How To Get Rid of a Hickey

October 13, 2014

Hickey Removal: How To Get Rid of a Hickey

It gets a little overboard last night with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Too much forceful kissing and sometimes more than the expected happens to happened within a few ticks on the clock. Body pains and aches are the common symptoms after a couple makes love or kisses in a romantic night. Nevertheless, waking up with a reddish spot, a love mark wouldn’t be so nice for the eyes of the public or even worse when an elder sees it. Although love for one another needs physical interaction and playful moments to display affection from time to time, the force in kissing and sexual interaction can sometimes become too harsh, resulting in the formation of a hickey and as well other dermal inflammations.

It is easy to give a response, a simple reply to the question ‘How to Get Rid of a Hickey”. As many couples enjoy the love and the endless nights, they can find it difficult to remove the hickeys or the love marks on the areas around the neck. Waking up noticing a mark will make things a little tough if you are going to a workplace for public matters or a public event. If you are one of those who question upon “How to get rid of a hickey”, then know that there are two effective ways as follows:

The Pen Cap or Coin Method

Using a pen cap or a coin with strong and sharp textures will be effective for the hickey removal process. As pen caps and coins are able to scrape off the dermal layers of the skin, speedily scrape the hickey but do not put on too much force or else the hickey will become worse. Although the method is the most effective one, it is indeed the most painful method compared to the other ways.

Using The Mental Peppermints

As peppermint is known for its menthol and coolness, using it as a hickey removal sounds nice. Peppermint oils and essential oils can help with blood circulation around the affected areas but if the oils are a little complicated to look for, go with a peppermint toothpaste. Apply the oil or the toothpaste on the hickey and leave it on for a few minutes to let the tingling feelings stop. Once the tingles stop, remove the applied oils or toothpaste with cloth damped in warm water. Slowly repeat the process but it is recommended to do it once a day or twice at most.

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How to Get Rid of a Hickey

October 13, 2014

How to Get Rid of a Hickey

The heat and passion for love is always beautiful. It is often that lovers and couples kiss and make love, marking the marks and symbols for one another. However, a need to show up for an interview the next day wouldn’t be so nice if one has a hickey. A hickey is a symbol or a mark made when couples have physical interaction, specifically when they kiss or sometimes go overboard. The heat and crave for love and lust may have planted the birthmarks splendidly, but won’t it be a little inappropriate for the public eyes to catch a glance of it? Or perhaps notice the mark? Well, for the couple a hickey isn’t something to be embarrassed for but the similar does not apply to the public.

‘How to get rid of a hickey’ is the highest searched topics online as couples and lovers find it embarrassing and uncomfortable to look for coverings and clothing with high collars. Although there are many ways to hide the love mark, hiding does not solve the problem at all times. To prevent the problems and misunderstandings from piling, it is crucial and essential indeed to completely to know how to get rid of a hickey.

Cooling The Heat of a Forceful, Passionate Kiss Mark

A hickey is a reddish mark or spot usually found around the areas of the neck. As the mark appears due to the heavy force and the heat of the kiss, it is a great idea to cool it with an ice pack or a frozen gel pack for a few minutes (depending on the mark and how severe it is). Pressing the ice pack slowly on the affected area will then gradually cool down the heat and the reddish spot.

Brush the Hickey Like How You Brush Your Teeth

As a hickey needs scrubbing on its dermal layers of damaged skin, use a new toothbrush with a toothpaste to gently brush the hickey. By gently rubbing and brushing, the circulation of blood will become better but remember not to overdo the process, too much force makes the case worse. Once the brushing is done, clean the area and use a cool pack to cool the hickey.

Using a Coin For Hickey Removal- The Painful Method

Although it is considered the most painful method among the two other methods, using a coin to rub of a hickey is very effective. Stretch the skin around the area where the hickey appears and use a coin to rub the hickey. Scrapes will trigger the redness of the mark but will gradually remove the hickey.

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