How to get rid of hickey fast is no less than wining a war

December 15, 2014

Sharing information on various methods for treating hickey has been tested regarding getting rid of hickey as soon as possible. Instant results may or may not be possible with the methods. It would be useless listing the points or methods that give you desired results within the time-period you expect to get rid of hickey.

Start with the basic treatments that will not worsen the situation of hickey. Many people go hyper when they see hickey on any part of body that is visible enough to other too while in many cases hickey can be hidden. The problem arises when you cannot hide and you know well that you will have to face embarrassment.

Methods that will not worsen your conditions

Cold method

After receiving hickey, the best possible method you can choose is cold method. The blood vessels are ruptured when you get hickey. More of blood is likely to flow and gather in the area and this condition needs to be avoided and for that you can try to keep the portion cold enough that blood will not flow in the area. For keeping it cold, you can use ice for it. Constantly applying of any method to keep the area cold may not work so keep some intervals in between the process of reducing hickey bruise.

Use any metal object such as bowl or spoon

Usually, there are small bowls of metal that are useful for this particular problem. It will cover better area so you can prefer this more in comparison to metal spoon. Keep the bowl in the freezer or you can do one thing take out the ice from freezer and ad them to a bowl of larger size and keep the small metal bowl in it until the ice melts and the cup totally cools. Keeping in freezer is also a good idea but can be possible that ice starts forming on the bowl. Therefore, for an ease you can use the second method.

 Lot of ice will not melt easily so you have to keep the bowl until that time until you do not feel extreme cold. You will not have to return to freezer if the bowl is not cool anymore add. Keep it back to the same bowl in which you have kept the ice cubes. It is harmful to use ice directly on hickey.

Hot method for how to get rid of hickey fast

Many people are stuck with hickey for more than 48 hours. If it is becoming impossible for you to hide hickey, hot method can be a useful method for you. In hot method, you will help the blood collected to flow down back into veins. We recommend that if cold method is not working for you, you can choose to go for hot method for how to get rid of hickey fast.

If everything fails for treating, hickey you do not worry, you have one more method for hiding hickey and that is covering it with a cloth. Either wear that can hide hickey and avoid embarrassment. Apply bandage if you are going out if the place you have hickey cannot be hidden with anything.

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Less time consuming methods for how to get rid of hickey

December 15, 2014

Small purple-red bruises on skin, which people term as love bites are called as hickey in medical terms. Overzealous sucking and kissing results in breaking capillaries that result in formation of a purple-red scar. When a person is not able to cover hickeys with cloth, it can be embarrassing if he/she is visiting someone.

No miracles available for hickeys

Hickeys are vanished without treatment but for that, it takes time at least one day depending on how deep the bite is in the area. If you are in a hurry to get rid of hickey fast with the tips and techniques present at home, you can get it away from your body overnight but only if you act immediately after you get it on your body part.

Approaches for avoiding hickey

The only available approach for hickey is that if you kiss a person gently he/she will not get any hickey rest the harder you bite the appearance of hickey will be more.

Instructions you can follow for hickey

Treating hickey with warm water

 Yes using a warm heating pad for treating hickey is quite useful when the scar of hickey is deep and dark. Just for five minutes, you have to hold the warm pad close to hickey as the broken capillaries will start healing and will expand when you apply warmth to the area. For this treatment, you have to stay at home for entire day to remove hickey overnight as in every hour you have to heat the area with heating pad unless you can see visible results of reducing hickey.

Treating hickey with Aloe Vera gel

One of the natural ingredients that promote faster healing is Aloe Vera gel, if you have a plant at home then take out fresh gel and slowly massage it on hickey. You will see that it will reduce the amount of redness and slowly heal the bruise.

 NSAID useful treatment for how to get rid of Hickey

 Motrin as well as Ibuprofen are two medicines you can use, as they are non-inflammatory drugs and are preferable for reduction of any kind of inflammation in hickey. However, you have no pain in hickey but again the question of pain will depend on the deepness of the wound or bruise.

Many times not all the efforts may work for a person, as he may not be able to devote the entire day for treating hickey. In such case, the only solution left with the person is using cosmetic concealer to hide the outer area from becoming visible for people. You will have to dab a larger amount of concealer  on the area and for that apply it in shifts. In almost three to four layers your bruise will be covered, if not hide it with any cloth material that will not look odd when you wear it. No treatment for how to get rid of hickey can give you best results in few hours it will take time.

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Effective steps for how to get rid of hickey

December 15, 2014

 What is hickey?

Generally, when someone pinches you hard in your arm you get a bruise, which is red and blue in color, not only this when you are going to suck your arm or bite your arm you can see this bruise coming up and  when someone kisses you and bits you get this bruise on your skin. Many people have given hickey the name of love bite.

Hickey is not painful at all

No pain occurs when you get hickey; it just looks ugly when you get it on your skin. For most people it is embarrassing to have hickey if it is visible. Usually, the time-period of getting rid of hickey will be 12 to 24 hours but in case you have hickey mark easily visible, you can choose some easy methods to get it away from your body.

Immediate treatment for how to get rid of hickey

 Use metal spoon

Rush to kitchen, bring a clean spoon, and place it inside the freezer for 20 minutes. During the process of getting cold, the time utilized will be 20 minutes. Now remove it from freezer and place it on the spot where you have the hickey spot for next ten minutes to twelve minutes. Better, you keep it until the time your spoon becomes normal and starts warming up due to the body or room temperature. Cooling of spoon will take time almost fifteen minutes that is exactly the time you can do the activity of placing the spoon on the spot.

Use arnica gel

Hickey exists because of the soreness of muscles and one of the effective gels to reduce the soreness is arnica Montana. Apply it on hickey and cover the area if you are going out but if you are at home apply it and keep it and do not rub the area.

Brushing can be useful

 Use soft bristles brush for brushing the area in and out. With the soft motions of brush, it will be easy to encourage the blood to disperse fast. If you keep on brushing for longer period, the result can be that even the other area of the body part can go red.

At night, if you have swelling in the bruise then make sure you sleep in such a manner that the bruise is not covered by you. If you will sleep without pressurizing the wound, it will get back to its normal state overnight.
Even if the scar of hickey does not go in single day and you have to go out you can conceal the area with concealer you use in makeup kit or if you can get then look for the concealer specially meant for hiding hickey. If this is also not working for you, another option that will definitely work for you is wearing a scarf if the area is visible. If you have hickey on arms, you can wear long sleeves shirt and if on neck, you can go for wearing scarf. Even ice treatment is useful in case you are looking for how to get rid of hickey soon.

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